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EuroGarden is a wholesaler with customers all over Europe. We supply exclusively to professional dealers.

CheckSpark: Engine Ignition Analyzer

CheckSpark is a new engine ignition analyzer that operates hands-free and will indicate an engine's electrical condition without removing spark plugs or plug wires. It will work on most two-stroke and four-stroke gasoline powered engines, with or without CDI electronic ignitions.

New: Portable compressor

New in our range: the portable compressor. This is a very compact and portable compressor that can be connected with battery clamps to a 12 V battery. Ideal for mobile assistance, workshops, off-road, ... (ref: 9209395)

TOPSAW: 12-in-1 tool for chainsaw

The compact TOPSAW tool replaces 12 tools for your chainsaw. This tool works like a Swiss Army knife and allows you to work on a chainsaw anywhere, anytime.

New: Ozaki Power Premium Trimmer Line

Ozaki Power Premium Trimmer Line can be used for every application. These nylon high quality, polymer lines are available in round and square shape.